ORACLE TEAM USA drops its first race at the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers

Mag 28th, 2017 | Di cc | Categoria: Esteri

For a second consecutive race on Sunday, ORACLE TEAM USA trailed off the starting line, this time following Artemis Racing around the first mark and through the first downwind gate.

Tactician Tom Slingsby and skipper Jimmy Spithill engineered a split at the bottom gate, but the windshifts went in favor of Artemis Racing, who extended its lead one the first upwind leg to 19 seconds.

On the downwind, Slingsby called for an early gybe to set up another split on the final upwind leg. While Artemis Racing responded with a covering move early, they allowed a split further up the leg.

ORACLE TEAM USA made a big gain, and looked it looked as though Spithill, Slingsby and crew had made another comeback.

But the final shift on the leg went to Sweden and ORACLE TEAM USA couldn’t make the pass, dropping a point for the first time in the event.

The final delta at the finishing line was 39-seconds.

Crew on board for Sunday’s second race vs Artemis Racing:

Skipper/Helmsman — Jimmy Spithill
Wing Trimmer — Kyle Langford
Tactician/Grinder — Tom Slingsby
Grinder — Cooper Dressler
Grinder — Sam Newton
Grinder — Ky Hurst

ORACLE TEAM USA is currently 3-1 in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifers and on top of the leaderboard.

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